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Jiangsu Jincai Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hongda Xingye Co., Ltd. (Securities abbreviation: Hongda Xingye, securities code: 002002), one of the largest PVC material production bases in China and a leading enterprise in China's PVC new material industry. The company is located in Hangji Industrial Park of Yangzhou ecological science and technology new town. Its main products include nearly 100 varieties of pharmaceutical packaging materials, PVC sheets, plates and films, PVC green building materials and ecological integrated houses, protective articles and so on. It is widely used in medicine and medical treatment, food, electronics, clothing, environmental protection, instruments, construction, decoration, outdoor landscape, life protection and other industries.

The company focuses on the R & D, production and sales of new PVC materials and green buildings. It has established a provincial enterprise technology center, a provincial graduate workstation and a provincial engineering technology research center. It has established a long-term industry university research cooperation relationship with scientific institutions such as Beijing University of chemical technology and Yangzhou University, and established a "Collaborative Innovation Research Center for advanced manufacturing technology of new materials" and an industry university research cooperation base. The company has more than 20 high-tech automatic production lines, mostly introduced from famous manufacturers in Germany, Italy and other countries, with an annual production capacity of 100000 tons. The company is the director unit of "China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association", the executive director unit of Jiangsu plastic industry association and the member of "China plastic template development alliance". It has successively won a number of honorary titles such as the national cutting-edge award in the construction material leasing and contracting industry, the most influential enterprise in China's plastic template industry and the national typical demonstration enterprise of "replacing wood with plastic", and a number of products have been recognized as "high-tech products".

The company is committed to "innovation", adheres to the business philosophy of "market-oriented and customer-centered", develops various new PVC products to meet the market demand through continuous "technological innovation, product innovation, service innovation and management innovation", maintains the domestic leading level, actively participates in international competition, and strives to become a leader in China's PVC products industry.